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SSHSPFF PriorFire Formula 51 SSPFRF PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace P-24 SSPFRFXL PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace XL P-23

30 lbs



$ 4,099.00

SSSD PriorFire Smoke Dome


SSHFRCIK PriorFire Hearth Floor Reduced Clearance Insulation Kit


PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace Systems are lab tested, field proven, engineered fireplaces. These fireplaces burn hotter and cleaner than traditional masonry fireplaces. They can also be insalled in any residential fireplace with a width of 30”-41”, an opening height of 26”-30”, and a maximum depth of 22”.

HeatShield PriorFire Formula 51 can be parged, troweled, or hand packed over any brick, block, or stone surface that has been exposed to high temperatures such as smoke chambers, ash pits, vent connections and more. Formula 51 meets all national and local building codes for new construction and masonry fireplace & chimney repairs. Formula 51 is not suitable for food storage or food preparation areas. In addition, Formula 51 meets ASTM C-199 (Medium Duty), and is non-water soluble when dry. SmokeChamber SMOKE CHAMBER MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SSHSCFSCS HeatShield Cerfractory Foam Smoke Chamber Sealant 25 lbs $139.96 SSHSSCP Smoke Chamber Sprayer $1040.92


The Smoke Chamber Sprayer is a low pressure, high volume, system with a 3/4” hose. It gives users more control and makes applying the correct amount of material for various smoke chambers easier. The spray gun includes a clean- out valve on top for easy cleanup and can be adjusted to 7 different spray settings. The sprayer must be used with a compressor with a minimum 5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI. HeatShield Cerfractory Foam is a hybrid (ceramic/ refractory) coating that is applied with a specially designed sprayer to coat the walls of smoke chambers. It expands up to 50% of its volume as it cures. After expansion it dries rock hard to form “closed cell” air pockets that insulate and seal gaps, cracks, and holes in your smoke chamber. Finally, it seals gaps, cracks, and smooths up any jagged and corbelled brick edges, making fireplaces safer and more efficient.

-Insulates from heat or cold -Resists temperatures up to 2,550 Fahrenheit


• HeatShield Cerfractory Foam is listed to UL 2505, and is designed to smooth jagged edges & corbels and reshape smoke chambers for increased performance. • HeatShield Cerfractory foam is also able to expand up to 50% more volume for better insulation. • HeatShield Cerfractory foam is effective on brick block or stone exposed to high temperatures.

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