NECS 2024-2025 Product Catalog

Section 27: Chimney Repair & Restoration


FIREPLACE MORTAR CARTRIDGES - FOR QUICK FIREBOX MORTAR REPAIRS Black 30-BLACK $3.28 Buff 31-BUFF $3.28 Gray 32-GRAY $3.28 Fireplace Mortar (Gray) repairs minor fireplace cracks and chips with ease. Durable and as strong as firebrick when set, the mortar can be painted after curing. Apply to mortar joints, stone and firebrick.



Clear Tube 450deg Black Tube 600deg Red Tube 600deg


$8.14 $9.79 $9.79



All silicones will adhere to metal, aluminum, brick, slate, wood , glass and most plastics.


Black - 10.1oz - 900deg continuous - 1100deg peak $12.62 The High-Temp Sealant M230 is an easy-to-use sealant for the maintenance and installation of direct vent appliances such as pellet stoves or gas-burning systems, but can also be used to seal a metal flue for wood and coal burning stoves. In addition it serves as an effective high temp stove gasket adhesive. This sealant resists peak temperatures of around 1100°F but is designed for use with a continuous operating temperature of around 900°F. The sealant dries a charcoal coal color despite appearing black out of the tube. After the product has been applied, air dried, and the cured with heat it can be painted for color matching purposes. The sealant does not contain silicone and must be cured at 200°F For Approximately 1-1/2 Hours. M230


10.3oz Cartridge



Non-toxic and organically bound, IGS Industries’ Mill-Pac Black expands to form a tight seal in your fireplace or stove that will provide years of reliable service. Mill-Pac Black will not shrink or crack, and is inert to combustion byproducts. Several major wood, pellet, and gas stove appliance manufacturers specify Mill-Pac Black as their sealant of choice! Mill-Pac Black is formulated using Non-RCF refractory fibers, which eliminates OSHA and EPA concerns with the use of these raw materials. Mill-Pac Black is still rated to a 1050°F (565oC) max continuous operating temperature, and has excellent resistance to erosion by gas or wood combustion byproducts. Since Mill-Pac Black has always been formulated with an organic, non-toxic binding system, it has been considered a green product. With the elimination of RCF fibers, Mill-PAC Black is truly environmentally friendly.

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