NECS 2024-2025 Product Catalog

Section 10: B e ST - Chimney Top Coverings


B e ST MULTI-FLUE HINGED CAPS Manufactured with a 24ga 304 Stainless Steel Lid, 3/4” 18ga Stainless Steel Mesh available in 5 different heights(8”,10”,12”,14” & 16”) & a 1.5” wide Stainless Steel Swing Hinge. By: New England Supply Lifetime Warranty

HELPFUL HINT AVAILABLE BY THE INCH From a screen size of 9”x 9” -to- 41”x93”

24ga Stainless Steel Removable Lid for easy cleaning! 100% Stainless Steel, so it won’t rust!

Standard 3.5” Overhang

18ga 3/4” Stainless Steel Mesh to keep those sparks in & pests out! Available in: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” & 16” Heights

Remember to order your caps as screen to screen dimensions by subtracting 4” from each side of the chimney dimensions!

Order the proper screen height to keep 6” of clearance from the top of any protrusion such as a flue tile to the lid of the cap! 11,385 standard sizes! STEP 1 View all components and STEP 6 Finish by tightening the 1.5” wide Swing Hinge flips in or out for that extra wiggle room when you need it!

STEP 2 Fit one corner of the side rail system together by slipping the top stud through the corresponding hole on the adjacent rail.

STEP 3 Hand tighten a serrated hex-nut on the side stud only.

STEP 4 Repeat steps 2 & 3 at all four corners.

STEP 5 Set the lid on the top aligning the holes to the studs and secure with a serrated hex-nut on each.

arrange in the assembly order noted below. (Lid, 4 Panels, serrated hex-nuts,Tapcons, & Chimney Top Adhesive)

serrated hex-nuts on the Lid and Side Rails. Attach to the chimney with Chimney Top Adhesive & Tapcons. (All included)

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